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Welcome to the SBCC Computer Science Club!

We are a group of people ranging from casual computer enthusiasts to passionate hardcore programmers. It is part of the club’s mission to promote career development of its members and to connect them to potential employers and people with similar interests. We have a newsletter sent via mailchimp that pertains to those in the computer science club as well as to anyone interested in the tech field. It is sent to those who have joined. Our facebook group is a great way to start networking with other members! Gallery and Workshop pages coming soon!



The computer science club hosts various workshops to bring the community closer while providing engaging material to expand the knowledge of students. Workshops play a crucial role in team building. The club has been around since 1981, history includes both workshops and information about the club’s foundation.



Programming and computer science has become more popular than ever. As a result, there are an increasing number of resources and tutorials being produced for beginners who want to learn to code, and programmers who want to broaden their skill set. With this in mind, we have put together an extensive list of programming resources for all who are interested.