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(Mostly in order by date and importance)

Table of Contents

Sonos Field Trip(4/15)
Java 8 Workshop
Last Meeting of Semester(4/29)
Github Workshop(4/15)
Programming Competition(4/16)
Ruby on Rails Workshop
Theory of Computation Talk by Allan Knight(4/29)
SB Hacks II
Movie Night/Award Ceremony(Prizes below!)/Last Event of Semester(4/29)
Jointly Hosted Unity 3D Meetup(This Friday!)
Purchase Club Merchandise This Month, Limited Time!
Past Events
Summer Plans

We hope your Spring Break was relaxing and that you are reading for the ending phase of the semester!

Here are some teasers about our upcoming events!

NOTE: If you have not already joined the CS Club Facebook Group, it's a great place to be updated on events as well as stay in touch with members.


Sonos Field Trip
Worth 2 Club points

Sonos designs, manufactures and sells high end multi-room music systems that connect to the Internet, wirelessly stream music to different rooms in a users home, and are controllable via computer, Iphone, IPad, and android devices.

Field Trip will take us through their hardware and audio testing labs.

Friday April 15th, 12pm - 3pm
25 E. Mason Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Facebook Event Page Here

Java 8

Java 8 Workshop
Worth 1 Club point

Java 8 is the most awaited and major feature release of the Java programming language.

New Features We Will Be Covering:

-Lambda expression-
Adds functional processing capability to Java.
-Stream API-
New stream API to facilitate pipeline processing.
-Method references-
Referencing functions by their names instead of invoking them directly. Using functions as parameter.
-Default method-
Interface to have default method implementation.

Time TBA (Please go here to vote: Doodle Poll and look out for the next newsletter with the times), Mac Lab H244
Facebook Event Page Here


Last Meeting of Semester
Worth 1 Club point

We will have our last meeting of the semester, where we will reflect on how we can do better for next semester. More info coming soon.

Friday, April 29th, 12:30pm-1:30pm, H240


Github Workshop
Worth 1 Club point

Hosted by Dr. Allan Knight

Want to create a portfolio to show to employers when you're done with school?
Ever wished you could go back to the code that worked before you made a bunch of changes?
Taking CS 105 with Allan Knight? Then this talk is for you.

We'll talk about GitHub, a central repository that uses Git, a popular version control tool.
We'll start with the easy stuff, creating a project and committing code, and move on to more advanced topics such as merging, rebasing, and pull requests.

Basically, we'll cover the entire work flow that you can use as a student and later in your career as a software engineer.

But wait, there's more. If there is time we can even talk about GitHub's RESTful API and how we can use it for fun and profit.

Friday, April 15th (Same day as the meeting), 4 - 6pm, Mac Lab H244
Facebook Event Page Here


Programming Competition
Worth 1 Club point

The CS Club will be hosting a programming competition in the CS Lab, and any member is welcome to participate. There will be snacks! The winning team gets some prizes and anyone is welcome to come and watch!

This is a great opportunity to practice your problem solving skills and if you are interested in representing the College at the ACM Competition, then this will be great practice as well as a chance for the faculty to recognise you as a potential participant.

We will be using poj.org for our online judging system.
We are trying to make sure that the questions will be as open to the majority as possible.

Prizes include (for a team of 2) Brand New:

2 SanDisk [Newest Version] Flash Drives - 32GB 3.0


4 Puzzles:
2x2 & 3x3 & 4x4 & 5x5
Shengshou Speed Cube Collection

Hope to see you all there!

Saturday, April 16th, 1 - 5pm, CS Lab H245
Facebook Event Page Here

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Workshop
Worth 1 Club points

Hosted by Colin Allen

Ruby on Rails is an intuitive web framework which operates on conventions, allowing you to quickly produce a fully featured functional web application 10x faster than Java.

This workshop will be for beginners.

Time TBA (Please go here to vote: Doodle Poll and look out for the next newsletter with the times), Mac Lab H244

Theory of Computation

Theory of Computation Talk by Dr. Allan Knight
Worth 1 Club point

As computer science majors the initial focus is on the systems we use to create programs. The result is learning languages like Java, C++ and Python, or ways of organizing in memory data through data structures such as linked lists, hash maps and trees. Then moving onto the system upon which we run the programs we create by studying operating systems such as Unix/Linux and Windows. What is missing from these subject?

Computer Science.

At its core computer science is the study of problem solving:
what problems can be solved? How fast? And using how much memory?

This talk will introduce the concepts behind the theory of computation,
which helps to create a mathematical model for answering these questions.

We'll start by discussing Finite State Automata and their equivalent regular expressions. Then by adding a little memory in the form of a stack, we get the more powerful computing machine called a pushdown automate and their equivalent Context free grammars.

Finally, we'll add another stack to the mix to create a Turing machine,
the most powerful of the known computing models and the basis of today's computers.

We'll give examples along the way and provide practical applications of
these concepts that you can use in your everyday computing systems classes.

If you want to learn more about Allan Knight's, you can take a look at his bio here
. Friday April 29th 4 - 6pm (right before the Movie Night) PS101
Facebook Event Page Here

SB Hacks II

SB Hacks II

The CE Club at SBCC has this FB event set up and we would recommend joining if you are planning on attending the Hackathon!

April 22 at 5 PM - April 24 at 5 PM, Corwin Pavilion, UCSB, Goleta, California
Official Facebook Event Page Here

Movie Night

Surprise Movie Night/Award Ceremony/Last Event of S16
Worth 1 Club point

Lets end the semester right, with a surprise movie night,
awards/prizes and an informative talk by Allan Knight on the Theory of Computation.

We will be raffling out the following prizes:

1 Play 1 - Wireless high-end Speaker - Sonos

1 Tile - Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that finds everyday items in secondsólike your phone, keys, and wallet.

1 Up24 by Jawbone - Tracks steps, exercise, overall calories burned, food and nutrition, hours slept and quality of sleep - Color: Persimmon, Size: Medium(6 - 7 in)

and 1 $10 Steam Gift Card

How this will work:

1 Club Point will be equivalent to 1 raffle ticket (or 1 entry) and at the beginning of the event, we will be giving out pieces of paper to the people that showed up with the total number of points they have earned and a place to write down what percentage of their points they want to go towards the prizes listed above. We will then draw the winners at the end of the movie after tabulating.

NOTE: If you cannot show up to the Movie Night, we will evenly distribute the percentage of your points for the prizes, unless you email us at sbcccsclub@gmail.com with the exact percentages that you want.

Friday April 29th 6 - 10pm (right after the Theo) PS101)
Facebook Event Page Here

Bake Sale

Worth 2 points per hour (no max!) and 4 points if you bake and bring something to sell!

Help the club out at our next bake-sale!

Fund raising is very important for things like field trips, prizes, hardware kits, food for events, and guest speakers!

Please fill out the form below if you would like to help out with the bake-sale!

Bake-sale Google Form

If you can't make it to this or bake anything, or you just want to help the club out, please donate some flavoured jello, unflavoured gelatin and corn syrup so we can make some delicious gummies!

Wednesday, April 13th 11am - 3pm, Outside Luria Library
Facebook Event Page Here

Movie Night

Jointly Hosted Unity 3D Meetup
Hello everyone

Great things are happening lately at Unity.

A couple of members attended Unity's VR/AR Vision Summit.

Unity 5.4 is in public beta with new features like multiple, advanced IAP and much more.

Also Unity 5.4 Alpha has a brand new feature, the Sequencer: "Cinematic sequencer tool. Allows the authoring and playback of sequences of animation and audio clips."

We will also be talking about Unity Certificate

And whatever we want to talk about!

Friday, April 8th, 5 - 7pm, Mac Lab H244
Facebook Event Page Here

club merchandise

Purchase Club Merchandise This Month, Limited Time!
Worth 1 Club point per Shirt and 2 points per Hoodie

We will begin selling club merchandise this April 8th for a limited time of 21 days.
This will be the last time that you can purchase the current design (robot chef) since the year will be ending.

To check out the assortment of colors and styles, go here and here. If you are interested on working on a design for next year's tshirt competition, the design must have the words "Santa Barbara City College" and "Computer Science Club" and the term and year and must be school appropriate. Winner gets a free tshirt with their design.

Past Events



Giovanni Vigna's Guest Speech on Security


Alberto Villalobos talk on Hackathons - Meeting 2-26

Jython Workshop hosted by Lee Smith

Use your mouse to look around!

BBQ Spring 16

CS Club BBQ, S16 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

LAN Party Spring 16

CS Club LAN Party - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Summer Plans

If you are interested in working on the iRobot Create 2 - Programmable Robot, we will be meeting in the CS Lab during summer to work on the club's new "pet".

Join the Slack team CyberspaceCadets (CSC for short) which will make it easier for everyone interested in the robotics project to brainstorm, ask questions and prepare meeting times (especially over Summer!).

If you have any connections that could benefit the club, by providing guest speakers, field trips and other opportunities, or if you want to contribute to content for workshops and meetings, please reply to this email or talk to one of our officers. Thank you!

Let's make this the best semester ever!

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